EasyAvocado™ Set

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EasyAvocado™ Set Include:
1x Avocado Cover Big 
1x Avocado Cover Small 
1x Avocado Slicer

Features of the avocado slicer tool:

  • All-in-one tool that split, pit, slice and scoop avocados safely and effectively without the need for knife and spoon.
  • Comfortable non-slip grip makes avocado splitting, pitting and slicing easy and safe.
  • The pitting tool allows you to grip, twist & remove the pit with a twisting motion without damaging the fruit. 

    How to use:

    1. Slice through the skin of the avocado with the plastic blade.

    2. Remove the pit with a simple twist using the pitting tool.The three small blades that are nested safely inside the pitter, grip onto avocado pits of any size.

    3. Scoop out the avocado meat into perfect slices with the simple and efficient fan blade.

    Features of the avocado cover:

    • Comes with a pit pocket that can be pushed in or out depending if the half you are saving has a pit
    • Specifically designed for the best preservation of avocados
    • Made from food-safe, bpa-free silicone
    • Dishwasher safe

    How to use:
    1. Slip the small end of the avocado into the cover then pull the rest of the cover up over the back so that the whole half is wrapped nicely. 
    2. Push the pit pocket in if the avocado does not have a pit.


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